Webinars and Podcasts

Register for upcoming webinar events as well as find the current webinar series on the Free/Low-Cost Events page of the Net Objectives website.

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Net Objectives hosts regular webinar series to explore important topics in Lean-Agile. These 50 minute sessions provide important background to help you in the journey.


Introduction to FLEX

Current webinar series

Simplifying SAFe®

Past webinar series

Here are some of the webinar series we offer.


Here are individual sessions given at meetings and events.

Past recordings

Here are recordings from past webinar sessions:


Lightning webinars

Lightning Webinars are short (less than 15 minute) videos that are focused on specific topics including Agile, Being Business-driven, Technical issues, kanban, and Lean.

Lean-Agile Straight Talk podcast

Lean-Agile Straight Talk was a regular podcast series from Net Objectives featuring interviews with Al Shalloway and with Net Objectives coaches and trainers.

Past recordings

Here are some of the latest episodes from Lean-Agile Straight Talk: