Lessons and the Future (Webinar Series)

The Lessons and the Future webinar series offers insights that help us look back to look forward.

Creating the Next Paradigm Shift in IT and Product Development

June 27, 2019

Agile has been around for more than two decades. This is more than a lifetime in the information age. Dark Agile has been around for just about as long and seems to be increasing. As Einstein said, The issue is that we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

The next paradigm is not based on Agile but on flow and Lean-Thinking. It acknowledges the reality that it is easier to work your way into a new way of thinking than it is to think your way into a new way of working.

This webinar discusses the shifts required for the next wave after Agile.

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The 10 most important things I have learned from 20 years in Agile

June 3, 2019

Al Shalloway has been on the forefront of most Agile and Lean methods of the last 2 decades. In this webinar he shares some of the most important insights he’s had over this time and how they relate to each other.

Each of these insights is critical to achieve effectiveness at any scale beyond a team. Al explains each concept and how they work together to provide guidance on how to improve the effectiveness of your organization.

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