The Role of the Business Analyst in an Agile World

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April 30, 2018
Al Shalloway | Recording | Slides (PDF)

Business Analysts play two keys roles: (1) Acting as an SME to the team and (2) Helping the team break down work into small pieces that can be used to provide feedback on whether the work being done will be useful.

This talk was recorded at a dinner meeting in which Al Shalloway describes the background of Lean-Agile and the important role played by Business Analysts. Understanding the role of BAs in Agile.

Key learnings

Key learnings include

    • Learning key concepts, such as MBIs and MBI-thinking that can assist their role.
    • Understanding that BAs have responsibilities in assisting their teams to work on
      the right things even if they are not a product owner.
    • How BAs interact with the various roles involved in realization of business value.


Here are topics covered in the talk.

  1. What’s the difference between a Business Analyst (BA) and a Product Owner?
  2. How can a BA help their team maintain focus on delivering value quickly?
    • What agreements should they monitor?
    • What are Minimum Business Increments (MBIs) and how can BAs use them to help keep the team on track?
  3. What is a BA’s role in Acceptance Test-Driven Development?
  4. How can BAs assist teams in creating definitions of ready and of done?
  5. How can BAs connect the work being done by the team to the business
    stakeholders’ view of what should be done.