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Role_ADM_LargeThe Application Development Manager (ADM) is responsible for the holistic integrity and functionality of technical solutions and system products. This includes setting technology boundaries, policies, and engineering practices and standards for system evolution and integrity.

Thus, the ADM role is about the content of the system.

The ADM role includes the concerns of the traditional system architect, as well as making sure development and maintenance activities comply with product-related systems and Lean principles, especially the need for quality. This includes environment, code quality (developer standards), and managing technical dependencies and/or collusion points.

To do this, the ADM is responsible for creating “just-enough” architecture, plus identifying standards and processes that directly relate to successfully implementing the product itself.

Counterbalancing this, the ADM role also makes sure that no architectural, process, and standards constraints are placed on implementation and maintenance beyond the minimum needed to build the product correctly.

Finally, the ADM determines the appropriate skills/expertise for technical development.

Compare the ADM with the TDM role, which is responsible for managing standards and processes related to the work flow.

Alternate or related roles:

  • System Architect
  • Program Architect
  • Technical Lead

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