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page_disciplinespracticesLean is about two major goals: delivering the most value over time, and improving workflow. They can be stated together as, “Lean seeks the highest level of business value realization in the shortest amount of time in a predictable and sustainable manner.

The Lean goals are universal: They apply to any field, not just software. They differ from traditional goals of development organizations before Lean, which were focused on maximizing utilization and productivity, which experience has shown leads to producing less real value. That is why Lean has superceded tradition.

Lean-Agile is a set of practices (or “disciplines”) that contribute to achieving the goals of greater value and better flow. Some of these practices evolved apart from Lean. Others have come directly from Lean and Agile (which developed later than and independently of Lean, but has many similarities). In the menu at left we group some of the practices most directly associated with the evolution of Lean, under “Lean Principles and Practices.”

Practices are different than goals in that goals are more general and relatively long-lived, while the choice and implementation of practices depends on the organization’s situation. Even a major practice like Architecture only applies where the amount of structure and interrelatedness is significant. In many cases a given practice has alternatives among which the Lean-Agile organization can choose.

Nevertheless, all Lean-Agile practices when used correctly and in an appropriate situation will contribute to increased value, smoother flow, or both.

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