Quality of product and process is the responsibility of everyone on the
team. It is the result of discipline, communication, and the use of good
engineering practices.

An impediment is any technical, personal, or organizational issue
that inhibits progress being made on delivering product to the
customer. Impediments are inevitable. It is always the responsibility
of the team to expose impediments as they arise rather than burying
them, hoping they will go away. The team is responsible for resolving
impediments that lie within its “span of influence” (within which it can
effect change). The Team Agility Coach, acting on behalf of the team,
elevates all other impediments to management to be addressed. The
and other management agree to help.

In both object-oriented and procedural code, assessing the quality of
software can be difficult. Oftentimes, it involves a conversation among
the development team as they think together about the code.

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