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Roles are collections of the responsibilities performed by all these people. These responsibilities are implemented in positions, which assign groups of responsibilities to specific people. Your company might use different names or combine them in different ways to form its positions.

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page_exploreroleThe delivery of value involves the effort of people from all across the value stream: executive, management, and front line teams. People from the Business and technology work together to discover and deliver work that customers can use and can realize value from it.

The pages in this section help you access resources in the Lean-Agile portal that pertain to the most common roles in Lean-Agile. Each page offers features resources, how get started in learning about the role, going deeper in the role, how the role fits in a Lean-Agile transformation, and how the role fits in the context of Lean-Agile.

Explore the roles of Lean-Agile

Program Level

Role_ADM_LargeExplore the Application Development Manager role. The Application Development Manager is responsible for the holistic integrity and functionality of technical solutions and system products. This includes setting technology boundaries, policies, and engineering practices and standards for system evolution and integrity. Thus, the ADM role is about the content of the system.

Role_TDM_LargeExplore the Technology Delivery Manager role. The Technology Delivery Manager (TDM) is responsible for managing the delivery of the technology solution of a business increment and the flow and continual delivery of the program or value stream producing it in the shortest cycle time.

Team Level

Role_PO_LargeExplore the Product Owner role. The Product Owner is the pivotal role in enabling the seamless flow of development from value to product, connecting those who identify the value needed and the ones who determine how to implement it.

Role_Dev_LargeExplore the Developer role. The Developer role is responsible for working with other members of the Team to build potentially releasable features in every iteration.

Explore the Team Agility Coach roleRole_TAM_Large. The Team Agility Coach role shepherds the process and the team, facilitates, raises questions, removes impediments, ensures visibility, and socializes Lean-Agile. The facilitation aspect of this role is often called the “Scrum Master.”

Role_Tester_LargeExplore the Tester role. The Tester role is central to development. Testing ensures high-quality code, finds bugs, discovers root-cause issues that lead to defects, and creates acceptance tests for every feature and story.