Application Development Manager: Responsibilities


The Application Development Manager focuses on

  • Delivery of technical functionality with holistic integrity: Extensibility and maintainability
  • System evolution, architecture and design including environment, code quality (developer standards), and managing dependencies and/or collusion points
  • Determining appropriate required skills/expertise for technical development


The Application Development Manager role is responsible for:

  • Defining engineering process, standards, and boundaries for teams (exit criteria for development steps).
  • Ensuring implementation and testing integrations across all sub-systems
  • Coordinating technical dependencies / competencies across teams to ensure holistic system integrity
  • Identifying technical issues, constraints, risks, and challenges
  • Providing guidance and establishing clear technical boundaries to empower the team
  • Managing system initiatives and how they will be addressed through the product backlog
  • Maintaining a holistic view of the technology deliverable and validating that all necessary components, technical and non-technical are in place:
    • Operational readiness
    • Infrastructure readiness
    • Performance considerations
    • Production support considerations
    • Implementation / deployment considerations
  • Encouraging team initiated incremental improvements
  • Resolving impediments that are beyond a team’s scope
  • Helping to conduct proficiency assessments and technical skills development plans for teams’ resources