Application Development Manager: Standard Work

See an overview of standard work.

Accountability Which involves….
Staging Provide guidance and establish clear technical boundaries to empower the team.

Ensure holistic integrity of the technical solutions and system products.

Set technology boundaries, policies, and engineering practices and standards for system evolution and integrity.

Identify technical issues, constraints, risks, and challenges.

Manage system initiatives and how they will be addressed through the product backlog.

Every release Identify enabling stories required per release increment (MBI).

Represent the enabling stories to ensure the Product Manager prioritizes them appropriately.

Every iteration Work with the Product Owner(s) to ensure proper priorities are identified.

For large projects:

  • Coordinate collaboration of teams
  • Coordinate sharing of retrospective information.
Weekly Encourage teams to deliver highest Business value first.

Work with Team Agility Coaches to maximize team velocity:

  • Identify and remove issues that reduce team velocity.
  • Encourage role-sharing, training, and other techniques that will promote greater velocity in the long-term.
Daily Read the information visibility boards for signs of problems with the iteration and for signs of failing agility.