Decomposing Requirements: Meetings

Scope of the Meeting Schedule Issues
Program Increment Planning Meeting Beginning of each Program Increment Product Owners work with Team members to finish decomposing into Team Stories all the Features to be implemented in the Program Increment
Iteration Planning Meeting Beginning of each Iteration Product Owners arrive at meeting with updated team-level Stories (added, deleted, changed).

Product Owners and team members work together on

  • Decomposing stories into right-sized stories (where Stories are longer than right-sized)
  • Examining stories to ensure they’re in final form for development during the iteration.

Team members write or update tasks as needed.

For details about the Iteration Planning Meeting, see conducting the Iteration Planning Meeting.

Backlog Refinement MWF Product Owner and Team members review the backlog to identify requirements issues concerning:

  • Progress and scope adjustments
  • Priority, sequence, capacity impacts
Product Demonstration and Review End of iteration Product Owner confirms that the implemented product conforms to the Team Stories that were in the Team Backlog.

For more details about the Product Demo and Review, see conduct the Product Demonstration and Review.