Developer: Responsibilities


The Developer role focuses on working with other members of the team to build potentially releasable features in each iteration. The Developer collaborates with Business analysts and Testers on stories and tasks, ensuring that the results meet all functional and acceptance tests. The Developer also helps the team resolve impediments, getting help as needed.


Here is a quick overview of the team’s responsibilities.

  • The team drives the product from a tactical perspective. It is autonomous and self-organizing and is accountable to the Product Manager for committing to and delivering product increments within the duration of the iteration.
  • The team works in parallel with all appropriate stakeholders to estimate the size of backlog items, make design and implementation decisions, and transform stories into high quality software assets.
  • Working with the Team Agility Coach, the team tracks its own progress, raises awareness for impediments, and devises options to maintain forward progress. The team is responsible for establishing processes and standards, continuously improving them, and then following those processes and standards.

See Standard Work for the Developer role.