Developer: Standard Work

See an overview of standard work.

Accountability Which involves….
During Planning Participating in sizing, prioritizing, and decomposing stories into implementation stories and tasks

At a high level, identifying enabling and systematic evolution issues that must be addressed

Identifying process and environment issues which might need to be addressed in the upcoming iteration

Using their insight to identify skills needed to achieve the iteration commitment

Collaborating with the Product Manager and committing with the team to deliver an increment of the product

Daily Work Focusing efforts on delivery of the highest priority stories and tasks while identifying dependencies

Building rapport with team members to increase team collaboration

Maintaining a positive and safe work environment, and increase trust

Contributing to development and testing by swarming on stories and tasks

Developing tests and code that conform to the code quality standards agreed to by the team

Helping to resolve impediments that are within the team’s span of influence

Contributing to the Daily Stand-up

Clearly marking effort on remaining tasks and who the owner is

As necessary, rewriting stories and tasks to level workload, handling dependencies and impediments, and accelerating results

As necessary, re-sizing stories based on any new information or on what has been learned

Discussing issues raised during the Daily Stand-up about which the analyst can help

Being aware of team cohesion and sustainability

Ensuring the test strategy is implemented effectively and in a timely manner

Ensuring the test strategy is implemented effectively and in a timely manner for SAT, CAT

Controlling WIP to ensure flow of development

Iteration Closing Demonstrating the product / product increment to the Product Owner, Product Manager, and other appropriate stakeholders

Participating in the iteration retrospection. Identify and commit to actionable improvement goals for the next iteration based on what worked well and what can be improved