Extending Scrum to Leanban: Building on Insights

There are not simply two or a few choices for Agile teams (Scrum, XP, kanban, etc.). We can take the best of what each has to offer so that we can apply them, or hybrids of them, in ways that fit each team’s and each organization’s context.

Advantages of Leanban

Leanban provides a consistent approach to implementing the Minimum Business Increments (MBIs) that have been selected for development.

Here are some of the important advantages of Leanban.

  • Leanban is business driven. All teams must focus on delivering value as defined and prioritized by the Business. It increases quality, reliability, and velocity
  • Leanban suggests core practices. Teams get started quickly by following a core set of practices and then Lean Thinking to adjust practices and add new ones based on their needs.
  • Leanban is tailored to each team’s situation. Each team’s situation is unique. Leanban considers the team’s current situation, including whether they are cross-functional, require iterations, and how disciplined they are.
  • Leanban provides a consistent approach across the organization. This enables individuals to move around easily, facilitates learning across teams, and improves management understanding.
  • Leanban takes a systems-approach. Teams deliver business value by working in concert; they must not simply focus on their own work. Leanban provides the mindset for coordination across teams.
  • Leanban provides teams a way to evolve to better practices as they learn. Leanban provides guidance to teams to evolve as practices become inappropriate. It promotes positive change based on achieving the desired outcomes of a practice.
  • Leanban is based on proven principles. Building on good practices improves professionalism and avoids dogma.
  • Leanban facilitates change. Leanban supports change at a sustainable pace guided by Lean practices. It is important to determine what degree of change is appropriate without forcing change or avoiding change.

Where to start

Here is a decision aid to help you know where to start.