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Role_PM_LargeThis reading path introduces the role of the Product Manager in Lean-Agile.

The Product Manager is the “face” of Business value to the development value stream as a whole. Product Owners go to the Product Manager for anything that requires beyond their level of customer/stakeholder understanding.

The Product Manager is also the “face” of the value stream (or program, in program-centered organizations) to the senior Business leadership such as Business Sponsors and Business Owners.

The main activities of the Product Manager are:

  • Write Capabilities (with support from Business Owner/Sponsor and stakeholders)
  • Decompose Capabilities into MBIs (with support from Product Owner)
  • Decompose an MBI into Features (with support from Product Owner)
  • Manage the value stream (or program) backlog, with inputs from across the value stream (program)
  • Be the “voice of the customer” (and other stakeholders) to the Product Owner
  • Pass strategically-important development feedback to higher levels (e.g., Business Owner, Business Sponsor), in case they can adjust their capabilities plans to reduce costs/impacts, without hurting organizational goals