Product Manager: Meetings

Scope of the meeting Schedule Issues
Iteration Planning Just before first iteration Present the value stream (or program) vision:

  • Explain the value in the capability, in more detail than the capability itself if possible.
  • List the highest-priority features known at this point.

Evaluate the relative value of the goals of the different teams (with other Product Managers and Product Owners).

Product Demonstration and Review Just after last iteration Assess the acceptability of the iteration build against the acceptance criteria of the MBIs in it.
Value Stream Backlog Refinement As needed Discuss:

  • Progress and scope adjustments
  • Priority, sequence, capacity impacts

Where changing events during the iteration affect priority or scope, update the backlog accordingly.

  • Do everything possible to defer the effect of backlog adjustments until the next iteration (and notify the Product Owners of the affected teams of the impact).
End of Iteration Attendance is allowed if:

  • The Product Manager is not a manager “over” the team.
  • The team is secure enough to operate in an open, peer-driven way with the Product Manager present.

Participate like any team member (for details about team members’ responsibilities in this meeting, see Conduct Iteration Retrospective.