Scrum: Roles

Here are the basic roles in Scrum:

  • The Product Owner forms the product vision, improves ROI, manages customer and stakeholder expectations, road-mapping and release planning, prioritizes the product backlog, provides clear, testable requirements to the team, collaborates with both customer and team to ensure goals are met, and accepts product at the end of each iteration.
  • The Team Agility Coach shepherds the team, creates a trustful environment, facilitates team meetings, asks the difficult questions, removes impediments, makes issues and problems visible, keeps the process moving forward and socializes Scrum within the greater organization.
  • The Full Agile Team estimates size of backlog items, makes design and implementation decisions, commits to increments of deliverable software, and delivers it. The team tracks its own progress, is autonomous and self-organizing, and is accountable for delivering as promised. Developers and Testers are on the full Agile team.
  • A Swarm is a temporary group of team members that works together on one story to bring it to completion.