Team Agility Coach: Standard Work

See an overview of standard work.

Accountability Which involves….
During Planning Preparing to facilitate the Iteration Planning Meeting. With all appropriate stakeholders, address the following:

  • Product vision
  • Product backlog
  • Risks / Dependencies
  • Release plan
  • Artifacts and deliverables for the project
  • Iteration length

Facilitating the Iteration 0 meeting.

Supporting the team’s ability to commit by communicating team capacity.

Negotiating commitment between the Product Manager and the team.

Helping team create information visibility boards. Establish the progress charts: Product Burn-up charts and Iteration Burn-up and Burn-down charts.

Agreeing on Daily Stand-ups location and times.

Setting up work areas.

Helping the team develop communication rules.

Updating spreadsheets and database information. Show number of points that have been committed for the iteration.

Daily Work Reflecting on how the iteration is going, looking for tasks taking too long.

Facilitating Daily Stand-ups. Ensure that people clearly address the team and stay focused.

Radiating information to show progress clearly and predictably.

Updating visibility tools with the latest task and story progress.

Posting updated charts prior to the Daily Stand-up, current as of yesterday.

Identifying and displaying all impediments and issues that affect team velocity and iteration successes.

Clearly showing activity and progress toward resolving impediments.

Engaging team members to identify impediments, build rapport, and improve team cohesion.

Shielding the team from external interfaces and distractions.

Facilitating team meetings and process improvement workshops.

Monitoring team cohesion and sustainability.

Upholding the Agile process and challenging the team to identify and implement process improvements.

Socializing Agile within the organization.

Iteration Closing Helping to demonstrate product increment to the Product Manager and other appropriate stakeholders.

Facilitating the team in reviewing the process of the iteration. Placing improvement stories into product backlog.

Sharing the findings from the iteration retrospection, including the process improvement stories, with other Team Agility Coaches in the organization so that the knowledge can be applied more widely and refined as more is learned.