Scorecards as Roadmaps

Scorecards are measures of how well what is being measured is doing. Since each measure of a scorecard is an indication of improvement scorecards can be used as a roadmap for improvement. These scorecards are all about measuring an organization’s ability to achieve business agility.

While each measure is based on a correlation to effectiveness, it should be noted how they are highly correlated to the The Value Stream Impedance (VSI) Scorecard. Seeing and understanding this correlation will help provide you guidance when you are in a territory not explicitly described in one of the roadmaps.

Here are three useful useful scorecards.

  • Team Agility Scorecard. This scorecard is used for seeing how well teams are being at team-agility.
  • Business Scorecard. This scorecard measures the effectiveness of business flow, management, team agility and technical agility.
  • SAFe Scorecard. This scorecard is under development but measures how well people are adopting SAFe.