Start Stronger, Get Better, and Do More

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Start Stronger, Get Better, and Do More

James Sutton, Marc Danziger, and Jim Trott talk about transformation, systems thinking, the borders that Agile erects that can inhibit scaling, coaching, and why Lean thinking requires you to start with understanding the existing culture.

Jim Sutton summarizes this as “Start Stronger, Get Better, and Do More.” Start Stronger involves “how to start with much-better value candidates”; Get Better focuses on how to walk into a transformation; and Do More is the Lean principle of Perfection. This comes from their long experience with Lean, systems, and helping organizations and programs both large and small scale and succeed. With Lean thinking and Agile practices. Because the reality is that Agile transitions do not always scale up. As Jim Sutton says, success in a little thing does not mean you will have success just by doing more and more of that little thing. Scale requires more approaches, different kinds of thinking.

At first, I wondered if this would seem a little academic. But, as we got into it, it became apparent how helpful this is, especially to someone who is having to coach a transition in an organization. There is a lot to think about.