The Guardrails During the Planning Event

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The guardrails are our agreements with each other across the enterprise. In the planning event most roles come together. During the event the agreements of the guardrails coalesce into one set of working agreements.

Work on items that will realize the greatest amount of Business value across the enterprise

This is the overlying intent of the planning event – how do we select the most important work to do during the next program increment.

Collaborate with each other in order to maximize the realization of Business value across the enterprise

The planning event is more about collaboration than planning. There are three levels:

  • stakeholders and teams
  • teams to other teams
  • individuals within a team

Ensure that all work is visible

The program board is a great example of this.

Take the necessary steps to sustain or increase predictability

Dependency management is a powerful method of avoiding surprises.

Keep the work throughout the value stream within capacity

Teams need to accept just the amount of work they can do over the program increment.

Encourage everyone to strive for continuous improvement

Challenges across teams and roles is a major cause of delay and extra work in organizations. The event itself may provide an opportunity for improvement but at the least it is an opportunity to set up conversations for the future to improve these types of challenges.

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