Weyerhaeuser Reading / Viewing Resources

References that cover a talk Al Shalloway gave 3/7/2018

Understand your value stream

Agile Product Management Online Course – Free Videos on the page

  • Why Business Agility
  • Introduction to Minimum Business Increments

The Guardrails for Lean-Agile transformation are a set of agreements and questions to help the organization assure it is staying on course in its transformation and to be able to make decisions at a local level that are aligned to the rest of the value stream.

Other Resources of Interest

FLEX (FLow for Enterprise Transformation) Net Objectives’ approach to Lean-Agile at scale.

FLEX Reading List. Selective readings/watchings to understand FLEX.

Art of Action: How Leaders Close the Gaps between Plans, Actions, and Results

  • This article summarizes the essential concepts from each chapter of the important book, The Art of Action by Stephen Bungay. We highly recommend The Art of Action for executives, management, and leadership who are responsible for transitioning their enterprises with Lean and Agile.

Online and Other Training of Interest

Full Business, Management, Lean-Agile and Technical training. and consulting.

Net Objectives Essentials.  A cohesive approach to helping you build your own internal capabilities regarding Lean-Agile methods. From low cost online  FLow for Enterprise Transformation (the equivalentn of a 3 day Lean-Agile course) and online Foundations of Sustainable Design to intensive Coaching Academy: Team Level and a train the trainer program.

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