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page_webinarsJune 23, 2014
Al Shalloway | Recording | Slides (PDF)

Software development requires several things to be done to be effective and efficient. While these may not have been well-known 10 years ago, they are fairly well known now and include:

  • Business Level
    • Focus on building and deploying minimal business increments
    • Drive from business value, organize around what is being built and build incrementally
    • Have architectural epics be a peer to business epics
    • Limit the number of things being worked on
  • Management
    • Make all work visible
    • Have teams work in a consistent cadence to be able to synchronize on a frequent basis
    • Value code quality, program execution, alignment and transparency
    • Provide a structure for teams to work together
    • Create teams to the greatest extent possible
  • Teams
    • Manage work in process to eliminate waste caused by delays and overworked people
    • Have an owner for the development value stream
    • Use test-first methods
    • Automate testing
    • Achieve continuous integration

Intended audience: Directors, Executives, Product Managers, Team Agility Coaches, Team Leads, Architects